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Julia & Vladimir in the Pruhonice castle


Wedding date

Every year our projects are grander and larger!
The wedding of Vladimir and Julia became another inspiration for creating something unusual and unforgettable both for us and for this incomparable couple.

It was a Ukrainian wedding, attended by over 80 guests. In preparation of the wedding day over 36 people were involved, starting from the development of the project, preparing all the details and implementing the idea.⠀
Huge work has been done and all in order to make their day perfect.⠀

The decoration of the ceremony of Vladimir and Julia reflected this bright couple – it was modern and stylish. ⠀
Classical arch was replaced by a contemporary wedding art object, placed on the podium. Soft colours of light peach, ivory and white were tastefully complemented by gold accents.⠀
Airy flower arrangements and transparent chairs added a fairy mood to the decor. ⠀

The great transformation of the Knight’s Hall in the Pruhonice castle!⠀
9 hours of work on the site, 7 days of preparation of the decorations in the studio, and the medieval hall turned into a fairy-tale world, where the main characters were Vladimir and Julia.

Julia & VladimirThe Pruhonice Castle | 15/09/2019


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