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Wedding date

Joyful and bright Philippine-Czech Wedding

The wedding planning for Martin and Ishka began a year before the date of the celebration. Living in the USA, Martin was born in the Czech Republic, and Ishka in the Philippines. They flew all the way from the States to make a dream of a princess wedding in a gorgeous castle come true. Lovers inspired us to create a unique wedding project, which amazed everyone present at this event. In preparation for the wedding over 40 people were involved. Installation and decoration of the wedding tent began 3 days before the date of the wedding, which was attended by about 150 guests.

The unusually touching ceremony of the newlyweds took place in the romantic castle Hluboka. Graceful white chairs stood in a row in front of a grand floral arch, which combined red and purple flowers decorated with golden plant petals. Purple was the favorite and the lucky color of the bride. With the combination of red, it made the perfect bright and energetic effect, which reflected the character of very enthusiastic bride Ishka. This extraordinary beauty emphasized an unforgettable view of the castle, which could be viewed at full height. The wedding ceremony was arranged according to Philippines traditions and consisted of several parts: First, the guests gathered in groups to the place of the ceremony to the music of the string quartet: bridesmaids, groom’s friends, their parents, then close and distant relatives, and so on. Thus, the newlyweds surrounded each guest with attention and proved that each guest at this event is important for them. After the appearance of the groom, the Bride came out of the flower-decorated curtain and amazed the guests with her gorgeous look. The ceremony combined several traditional rituals. Everything was so natural, family and cozy. Even the rain, which promised the weather forecast at these moments, decided to ignore this sweet couple of lovers and let them enjoy the unique moment of the event.

The inconceivable transformation of the space for a festive reception was undoubtedly amazing. The decorations of the wedding banquet were performed in purple with gold accents. For the Presidium of the newlyweds was created and individually designed exclusive backdrop with the names of lovers, decorated with flowers and golden elements. If we talk about exclusivity, then it is undoubtedly worth noting an exquisite chandelier of flowers and crystal drops that soared above the stage of the hall and shimmered with diverse shades of light. It was individually designed for this wedding in the Hluboka castle, and hand made by a professional team of our decorators. Under the beautiful chandelier, on the floor, a monogram with the initials of the newlyweds was placed.

Every detail of the celebration was thought through in advance and embodied as the newlyweds saw it, even the celebration candy bar was created in the colors of the wedding and was not only tasty, but also looked stylish.Оn each guest table was a floral arrangement on an exquisite stand around which, on violet tablecloths, crystals were poured, iridescent during the whole wedding evening. A unique gift from the newlyweds and specially selected golden plates in a duet with a snow-white napkin tied with a gold rim were prepared for each guest.
Everything was selected tastefully and in the style of this extraordinary couple, who took away from the Czech Republic many bright emotions and happy moments that they will remember all their lives.

Ishka & MartinHluboká nad Vltavou 28.7.2019


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