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„ It was an exclusive wedding for almost 300 people. The newlyweds have chosen one of the most luxury venues in Czech Republic – the Zofin Palace. The ceremony hall was decorated by huge 13 meters long flower wall, beautiful chuppah and hundreds of white rose petals.

The reception took place in breathtakingly beautiful Large Hall, where the tables where decorated with long vases full of flowers and with stylish candle holders with cascade flowers.

The whole evening the musicians from different countries (USA, Germany, Russia) were singing in different musical styles. It was an unforgettable day for the newlyweds and their guests. “

Gala večeře v paláci ŽofínDatum: 21.10.2017

  • Catering v Praze a okolí

    Catering v Praze a okolí



Zámek Lednice
Palác Žofín
Vrtbovská zahrada Praha
Zámek Dobříš oslava


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